IP PBX or traditional PBX...
It will meet all of your expectations

The Unified Messaging integrates perfectly with the majority of telephone systems (PBX) used in Educational establishments, whether they are based on IP telephony (SIP protocol) or on traditional telephony.

Unified Messaging works with most large manufacturers’ digital or IP telephone systems such as Nortel (Meridian, Succession), Mitel, Siemens, Avaya, NEC, etc.

Users first

As with all of our products, the Unified Messaging has been designed with simplicity of use at the forefront. How many options does your current messaging system have that your users do not use or do not know about? With Unified Messaging everything is clear, clearly explained and accessible via a secure connection on the web.

Whether your users are intra-muros, at home or around the globe, it will be just as easy for them to consult their messages, to transfer messages to colleagues and to add written comments, to create a distribution list in seconds by clicking on the names of the intended persons, etc.

In seconds, your users can even indicate whether they wish to be notified by email when new messages are received, with the message attached in MP3 format. These are but a few examples of the incredible possibilities available from Unified Messaging for your users… all of these possibilities are simple to use and do not require reading instructions first.

Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging offers your Educational establishment a new era in communication by replacing traditional voice boxes with unified voicemail boxes that allow for messages to be listened to and managed either by telephone or by Internet.

It also allows you to create intelligent call routing functions, to simplify management of distribution lists, to improve the functions of the automated telephone operator, to incorporate a maintenance-free online directory (via telephone and Internet), to create small call centres (help desks) within your educational establishment and much more...

It will follow you wherever you go...

While it is compatible in its original form with most PBX, contrary to the messaging systems offered by the larger manufacturers, Unified Messaging is not a "proprietary" system. Unified Messaging:

  • Rejuvenates your existing PBX
    By replacing your out of date voicemail and old automated switchboard with Unified Messaging, your establishment is rejuvenating your existing telephone system and is saving considerable expense by prolonging your PBX’s lifetime. In addition, you know that you will be able to continue to use Unified Messaging when your PBX will absolutely need to be replaced by a new IP or traditional telephone system.
  • Also ideal when implemented with a new IP PBX
    If your PBX needs to be changed, look no further for your voice messaging. Our Unified Messaging system will accompany your new IP PBX in order to:
    • Save you money since Unified Messaging is generally less expensive than the proprietary messaging systems proposed by PBX manufacturers.
    • Benefit from more flexibility and numerous functions that are generally not available with the messaging systems available with the PBX. Check out the “What you will not find elsewhere” section.

What you will not find elsewhere

In addition to offering you functionalities that you will find in most of the messaging systems sold with the PBX, the Unified Messaging offers you additional characteristics that you generally will not find elsewhere such as:

  • Seamless integration with Omnivox
    If your establishment uses Omnivox, you will benefit from a perfect integration with the Unified Messaging system. For example, the teacher who accesses Omnivox to obtain their class list will automatically see on the screen if they have received a new voice message. In a click, they are able to listen to it, to archive it, to delete it, or to forward it to a colleague without ever leaving Omnivox.
  • Tailor-made for the Education sector
    Our Unified Messaging has a number of supplements tailor-made for the Education sector. For example, instead of hard to configure and heavy to keep up to date distribution lists found in conventional messaging systems, Unified Messaging allows authorized users to send messages to a distribution lists automatically populated by your Information Systems. Without you having to maintain additional lists, your Department Deans will easily send a voice messages to all teachers in their Department, your Service Directors will easily send a message to all members of their Service, and your DG will be able to send a message to all directors, or to all employees in a matter of seconds. Authorized users will also be able to easily set up their own distribution lists via the web, by grouping individuals, Departments, Services, etc.
  • Integrated IVR
    With the integrated Interactive Voice Response system, you have the ability to create interactive voice menus, information capsules and to delegate their management to authorized users. For example, you could, in a few minutes using a simple to use web interface, create an entire system that would be used to inform users of the library about the hours of operation, document reservation policies, etc.
  • MP3 Format
    Whether they are at the office, at home or anywhere in the world, users of the Unified Messaging can receive their voice messages in MP3 format, transmitted by email, via the web or throughS martphones. MP3 format allows for optimal message compression while at the same time preserving excellent sound quality, minimizing disc space required for whoever wishes to archive their messages. With MP3 format messages can also be shared more easily with anyone who has an email address.
  • Optional Off-site backup of all data
    A fire in your telephony room? We can help you avoid headaches. If you chose the 'Automatic off-site real-time backup', the thousands of messages and all of the configurations and parameters that your Unified Messaging system contains are safe, and we will be able to get you up and running in no time at all.
  • And all of the other little extras...
    We have created user interfaces that are so simple that even the most inexperienced user can use the most advanced functions without requiring any support and we have eliminated all of those little irritants that are generally found in traditional messaging systems.

    For example, have you ever heard a message that goes like this "Today, Friday, May 15, I will be..." when the date announced in the message has passed? With Unified Messaging, when a user records a daily greeting, this message replaces the user’s general greeting only on the day when it was recorded. As of the next day, the greeting message reverts to the general version without the user needing to remember to update their greeting. In addition, if a user knows that they will be absent for a certain period (i.e. vacation, conference), they can record a temporary greeting in advance by indicating the start date when the message will be used and the date when the regular greeting should automatically be back in place.

Simplify the work of the voicemail administrator

Unified Messaging offers easy management by providing the system administrator with an interface that is simple, secure and accessible anywhere via Internet. This toolbox is all that the administrator needs to create/modify every voicemail box, manage all of the parameters of the Unified Messaging, or even to add announcement messages. For example, adding a specific message during the holidays for all incoming calls can be done in advance and will only be in use during the dates specified by the system administrator.

Create your own ‘Help desk’ type call centres

Need to create a 'Help desk' type call centre in your establishment? Unified Messaging offers you this flexibility. The administrator of the Unified Messaging can in effect decide on the path of an incoming call on the basis of numerous parameters. It is therefore possible to use the system in order to create a mini call centre, and that, at no extra charge to your establishment.

To learn more about Omnivox Unified Messaging, do not hesitate to contact us.