Integration and control

Clara is the most innovative Finance & Purchasing Management System ever created for the Post-secondary Educational sector, bringing integration and control at your fingertips.

Clara allows for the acquisition, stocking and processing of the information linked to financial and purchasing management in the most complete and user-friendly way than was ever possible before.

Clara, The Finance & Purchasing Management System

  • Enables the administrators and the professionals of your Educational establishment to manage and control the various processes specific to financial and purchasing management such as the purchasing order request, assets & capitalization, the annual report, the accounts payable and the accounts receivable
  • Provides an operational environment based on information gathering and sharing, ensuring data confidentiality, as well as precision and efficiency of data processing
  • Reduces manual interventions and facilitates the automation of the activities related to financial and purchasing management
  • Constantly evolving and adapting to your ever changing organization needs and environment changes such as mandatory legal requirements, internal processes, management and financial controls
  • Feeds, interacts and integrates seamlessly with the Omnivox Services
  • Available in French and in English versions