The most innovative

Clara is the most innovative Student Information System ever created for the Post-secondary Educational sector.

Clara allows for the acquisition, stocking and processing of all of the pieces of information linked with pedagogical management in the most complete and user-friendly way than was ever possible before.

Clara, the Student Information System

  • Allows the professionals and administrators in your Educational establishments to administer the various processes specific to pedagogical management, from Admission to Certification
  • Was designed in close collaboration with numerous Educational establishments and can be adapted to the realities and differences of each establishments
  • Has to offer a complete and integrated Schedule Builder that facilitates and optimizes designing the master schedule
  • Has to offer many useful services such as the Peer tutoring module, the ID card module, the Room reservations module, the Equipment loans and reservations module, the Student Access Centre, etc.
  • Benefits from new functionalities and continuous improvements, as a result of technological advancement and the ever growing needs of Post-secondary Educational establishments
  • Integrates seamlessly, feeds and interacts with the Omnivox Online services platform
  • Is available in English and French
  • Has already been adopted by close to one hundred Educational establishments, Colleges and Universities, of varying sizes