Omnivox changes the world

Changing the world is making it progress in the right direction.

It is making people happier, eliminating waste, facilitating communication, bringing new possibilities.

In its own way, Omnivox changes the world of Education by transforming and simplifying the way we do things.

Each year, Omnivox proposes innovations that make the lives of students, teachers and staff members easier.

Already adopted by more than 100 Colleges and Universities, Omnivox will allow your educational establishment to be more efficient and to attain increased user satisfaction.

Omnivox integrates seamlessly with the Clara information system, and it can also be coupled with a third party information system.

Omnivox follows your reality

Because the world of Education is constantly evolving, our development team works each day on new characteristics and new services, guided by our creativity, by our knowledge of the environment and by the needs expressed by our clients.

If your establishment wishes to improve the Quality of the services offered to students, teachers and staff and to your partners and if you want to learn more about Omnivox, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Omnivox mobile app

  • Creates a real communication revolution by enabling an easy and accelerated access to the information and communications between your establishment, your students, your teachers and employees
  • Enables your students to access their file, communicate with their teachers and follow your establishment campus life
  • Enables your employees to quickly and easily process multiple administrative requests and approvals
  • Is currently used by multiple thousands of users of educational establishments globally spread in more than a dozen countries
  • Integrates seamlessly, feeds and interacts with the Omnivox Online services platform, as well as the Clara Suite
  • Is available on iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) platforms, with an exceptional users' appreciation score on Google Play on the App Store