Open Sesame!

The Omnivox Portal is the door that leads to your Educational establishments’ Online life.

In addition to finding all of the Omnivox services, each of your students, teachers and staff members can find all of the other web services you have to offer them: access to disk space, your establishment’s email, access to voice messaging, access to various suppliers’ online services, etc.

The technology on which the Omnivox Portal is based incorporates the most up-to-date unique authentication technologies, compatible with most centralized directories (Ms Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, etc.), and allows you to integrate a number of web applications requiring user authentication, in such a way that a secure, single sign-on to the Portal is all that is needed for user to have access to all of their online services.

More efficient Communications

The Omnivox Portal becomes the hub of all internal communications at your Educational establishment. It centralises all of the essential information for your establishment in a single location.

In one location, you group together all of the communiqués and news items intended for an individual as well as their email, voicemail box, and internal messages on the Portal (called MIO - Messages In Omnivox).

Thanks to the Omnivox Portal, it is now easy to target your communications and to therefore reach the right individuals, at the right time and with the pertinent information. Your communications are more efficient; your students and staff are happy to be informed of things that really matter to them.

The Omnivox Portal

  • Supports Unique and secure identification for each visitor in order to offer each user a secure and personalized solution (Single sign-on technology)
  • Enables the creation and exploitation of Communities offering a complete range of communication tools (communiqués, forums, messaging, file sharing, etc…) in order to make your Portal a virtual extension of your establishment
  • Proposes a Personalized services menu for each user allowing for easy access to the online services and communication tools available
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Omnivox Online Services Platform and the Clara Student Management System if you are running these platforms
  • Proposes Evolved functionalities such as:
    • The What’s New zone that quickly lets each user know where they should be looking and taking action
    • The Latest News and Messages and Calendar of events zones which present important information not to be overlooked
    • The My Favourites zone which allows each user to define their own list of easily accessible favourite web sites regardless of where they are located
    • The My Headlines zone that lets each user subscribe to the latest news headlines (RSS news feeds) of their choosing from national news headlines to headlines in their field of study (i.e. the latest economic news)

Communities for learning and sharing

With the Omnivox Portal, your educational establishment offers a Rich and accessible online life to its entire clientele. The Portal allows you to create Communities for your students, your faculty, your staff, and even for your authorized visitors.

The Communities allow individuals in your educational establishment to inquire, to exchange, and to share their knowledge and to access pertinent information quickly and easily.

While the Students’ Community could include all of the students registered at your establishment, a community based on a working committee could include only 5 people.

The Portal allows you to create Communities:

  • Based on the type of individuals (students, faculty, professionals, etc.)
  • Based on registration in a Program of Studies, or in an Internal School
  • Based on the affiliation with a Teaching Department
  • Based on belonging to a Service Department in your establishment
  • With open subscriptions
  • That are completely private
  • Etc.

The designated persons responsible for each Community use the many tools at their disposal to better communicate with their members, such as Communiqués and Latest News, Sharing of documents and files, Discussion forums, Photo albums, Useful links, etc.


  • A Teachers Community, where your teachers can access all of the resources essential to their work, where they can share tricks of the trade, etc.
  • A Women’s Soccer Community, where all of the fans of your women’s soccer teams can follow the teams’ latest exploits
  • A Creative Arts Program Community, where students and teachers in this program share their latest discoveries and work together
  • A New Students Community, where all of your new students can go to find information and to ask questions to returning students and to academic advisors

Your educational establishment’s Online life will never have been as fulfilling...